Because While BOTH Broke Up At First. ONE
Get Her Man Back… Here’s what happened…

The reasons for break ups can be many and are something I like to call the ‘MAY Dance”…

He MAY Have…

He MAY have felt smothered
He MAY have stopped being as affectionate
He MAY have cheated
He MAY say you have “grown apart”

You MAY Have…

You MAY have been a ‘selfish girlfriend’ or taken him for granted
You MAY have stopped spending time together or cheated on him
You MAY have spent TOO MUCH time together
You MAY have stopped communicating or “communicated” too much

And on…and on…and on…

And if you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING – texting him – calling him – pleading with him – begging him – contacting him constantly on Facebook – turning up at his work – and none of it has worked… then you MAY think it’s HOPELESS.

Amanda and Jennifer both did.

When they had their own “MAY Dance” with their “Mr Right” they both felt utterly desperate.

They started to question themselves and replay the key moments in their mind, endlessly analysing what went wrong and feeling like they needed to get a grip on the heartache, but not knowing how to even start.

They couldn’t eat. Felt heartbroken. Randomly burst into tears. Felt like they had lost their best friend as well as their lover. Couldn’t sleep very well. Lost weight and constantly felt tired.

All the while trying to maintain a façade of “being in control” to the outside world.

They smiled on the outside while the walls of their heart crumbled on the inside.

So How Did One Of Them (And Which One?) Get Her “Mr Right” Back?

 The truth is that these are ALL universal emotions that happen when a relationship breaks down, and so just as there is a best way to do your nails so they look fabulous EVERY TIME, there is a best way to get your ex back.

It may seem like it’s out of control.

It may seem hopeless.

But there is a way forward…

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